Thursday, September 3, 2015

Engineering Librarian Office Hours Week 2

Tuesday: Put up standup signs where I'm sitting.  Brought toys.  This went over well, although the 3D printer downstairs is said to be cooler.  I believe that!  I have time to take a look on Wednesday.

Discussed environmental databases with a faculty member.  Helped with some Sustainability Committee strategizing around Farmers' Markets. 

Discovered later Tuesday afternoon that UNC-Greensboro calls this "Satellite Reference."  I could have fun with that!
Wednesday:  I'm at a busy intersection of two low, semicircular desks, with traffic to both Engineering and Communications faculty offices, a big meeting room, and the kitchen.  A little more reaction to the toys today.  Met a few Communications faculty, and offered to help them as I can, and refer things beyond me to Bob and Matt, who are liaisons to School of Communications programs.   Fielded some directional questions - CCE is a very confusing building.  I see a big part of this as being part of the team any way I can, not just focusing on library questions.

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