Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Podcasting, results already!

Here's the podcast from yesterday's class at Middletown Library Service Center. The big deal is that the technology came together. The content is unplanned, unscripted and a bit rough in delivery, and now I can do more polished ones when needed.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Still the future of...

Still the future of the library. We're looking at facilitating discovery, not so much selecting part of facilitating [poor audio]. listen

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Back to that few(?)...

Back to that few(?) study, generation wide, 18 to 35 year olds are actually using libraries more than any of the previous generations, they talked about how libraries congress put images on Flickr because they didn't know what they were and they were hoping that the rest of the world could help identify them, Harvard, New Mass and Hurst are moving to open house publishing of research, wondering about what's new about high user expectations sounds like old news, I think more of the people, it's becoming more of an expectation and less [...] I think that should happen but it will never happen there, especially becoming more of an expectational in advance, there is also a break down of the distinction between information and communication and libraries and up in the business of both, one participant mentioned that all this is wicked exciting. listen

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This is MERCOMP. This...

This is MERCOMP. This is on the future of the library, workshop by Brandeis University a group of people from there. There point was that is not about the books. A 2005 OCLC survey on perceptions of library people, thinks it's about the book or may actually did word counts of the people responses information was what came through loud and clear. The few internet study, that the internet is not the first choice for information eve4nm over people you know and prairie dogging your listen

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This is about NERCOMP....

This is about NERCOMP. This is from Julie Kaye Little's Workshop on Podcasting. Earlier, she gave us some examples, she described what the Podcast is. Gave us some certain [Unclear Speech, Please Listen] Podcasting. The main thing the groups got was all this things that are on the edge [...]. listen

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