Wednesday, April 30, 2008

IUG Tuesday

Encore plus “Classic” WebPAC Pro – they complement each other. Encore is for exploring and focusing on the fly, Classic is for when you know what you want or are a power user who plans and pre-limits searches. Beautiful dropdown on MSU library home page:

Keyword – Beta Search

Keyword – Classic



Publication Title

Reserve Course

Reserve Instructor

Keep accessible documentation of circ parameters and tables, when, what changed, why, who changed it. Sounds like it could live in a staff wiki.

Singe Signon – we could do it. If not, can go with LDAP so we at least go with same username / password as the rest, even if it keeps bugging for login.

Blackboard Building Block – WOOHOO! Go into course reserves by course. No reauthenticating there (unless linking out to a database, no EZProxy). Would still sit out in regular course reserves, though.

Offline circ for no connection to server.

From the wonderful folks at Virginia Tech who brought us LibX, MAJAX! Screenscrapes MARC records in WebPAC and lets you reformat display in Harvard citation style (will program others if you request) and show real-time status info. Works in any web page in the same domain as your Millennium. May not do it for LibGuides – our is a redirect. Google Book Classes – fancy linking from WebPAC to whatever Google Books has.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

IUG Monday

The land of yes and yes but later.
Holds on bibs/items on order and in processing.
How to e-mail/text notices and still have your auditable paper trail.
OPAC usability. Instead of expecting patrons to sort out ILL, reserve, getting from another library within the system, use "get here," "get in 1-2 days," get in 23 weeks" - focuses on what the patron cares about, not our system of getting it to them.
Possible fixes for the vanishing Claims Returned (which is doing what it's supposed to, but not what we want).
We can TURN OFF the annoying auto-OR in the WebOPAC!! YAAYYY!!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The ProQuest widget, again

Searches on "alces alces"

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