Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Engineering Librarian Office Hours Week 1

Already relocated thanks to a faculty member and the department secretary. Now have a round desk area like a reference desk, no more bringing the TV table!  Said hi to a few faculty, explained my presence to one, as of a half hour here.  Showed up ahead of my publicity, and got permission for posters and temporary stand-up signs.  

Just realized that this is an awesome spot.  It's between the kitchen that I just discovered yesterday & faculty offices.

Talked to a faculty member about a research project and maybe a library/resource orientation for faculty.

Talked to two faculty in the first half hour.  One needs books, other will need engineering standards.

Busy here with faculty prepping for class and computers being set up.  Labs downstairs aren't ready for occupancy yet.  They were testing the fire alarm system before.

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