Sunday, October 5, 2014

Wrapping up Phase II

My students decided that their first recording from Monday was good to go, and Molly (PC) did some nice video editing and credits, and put it up on YouTube at 

We think the best way to get a conversation going between the sections is to establish a blog outside of Blackboard, although I'd like us to continue to think about this and see what other creative suggestions emerge.  Only five of my students are free at 1, and none are free at the earlier times.  Maybe for future phases we can find a time outside normal class meetings where a majority can get together in a meeting room, but Phase II didn't leave a lot of planning time.

I was also concerned that we weren't really ready to meet the Oct. 1 date.  After some discussion with Thomas and attending part of the last huddle, I decided that it was worthwhile to continue if the students wanted to, ready or not, and consider it a snapshot of where they are in their thinking and teamwork right now.  With about a month each on the next two phases, there will be time to become more rigorous, and time to deal with matters like our unfinished syllabus, some students' gravitation to "easy" readings and solutions, and teamwork issues.  After the AAR on Phase II Monday, I've set aside Wednesday to settle the syllabus, and Friday for Phase III prep.

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