Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Top Tech Trends

Did an unscientific “poll” from my notes.

Five mentions: Collaboration using Web 2.0 tools, content creation at the library, including rich media production, social software, user to user interactions

Four mentions: Open source software, especially library systems, may have had 4. A couple of panelists said they’d wanted to mention it, but their comments were already said.

Three mentions: The need for bandwidth

Two mentions: Open data – opening the data in the library system to migrate and analyze and providing access to the experimental data upon which scholarly research is based. Sarah’s post on free open content of good quality relates to this as well. Mobile devices, ubiquity, and telepresence

That leaves a bunch of singles: Small publishers driven online by postage increases, Net neutrality, Cloud storage (data storage distributed over many smaller computers), Experimentation, Taking responsibility for your own learning, Archiving of blogs as a future historical source, Sustainability of Web 2.0 (and 1.0) tools – not only archiving, but staff time to develop and maintain, Greening of equipment for web use, Semantic web, Library structure not being innovation-friendly

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